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Fantasy Basketball Rules

Updated: 9/14/2014

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Phenoms’ fantasy basketball rules for each league type are detailed below. There are two main styles of leagues: ROTO leagues using 8 categories with DAILY lineups and waivers and Head to Head (H2H) leagues using a points per game scoring system and WEEKLY lineups and waivers. Leagues can start with live online drafts or slow online drafts, or live online auctions. Please read the fantasy basketball rules carefully. Each league has several variables such as format, lineup deadlines, and entry fee. BOLDED terms refer to abbreviations you will see in the table of leagues to join.

  1. Fantasy Basketball Rules At a Glance
  2. League Structure
  3. Draft
  4. LIVE Drafts
  5. SLOW Drafts
  6. LIVE Auctions
  7. Roster and Starting Lineup Requirements
  8. Scoring Systems or Categories
  9. Trades
  10. Free Agency and Waivers
  11. Schedule, Playoffs, and Tiebreakers (Applies to H2H Leagues only)
  12. Entry Fees and Prize Money
  13. DYNASTY League Specifics
  1. Fantasy Basketball Rules At A Glance (Page Top)

    View our at-a-glance fantasy basketball rules below and be sure to read through our rules in-detail (found below the chart.)

    Fantasy Basketball League Rules At a Glance
    League Formats 8 Category ROTO or Weekly Head to Head fantasy points per game
    League Size 12 teams
    Draft Style Serpentine Style Draft or Auction
    Draft Speed Live or Slow
    Starting Lineup 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 PF, 2 C, 1 G, 1 F, and 2 flex (utility)
    Roster Size 10 starters, 4 bench, 2 IR spots
    ROTO Categories PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, 3PT, FG%, FT%
    Scoring System for H2H Per Game: PTS = 1, AST = 1.5, REB = 1, STL = 2, BLK = 2, TO = -1
    ROTO Lineups Set DAILY, max 82 starts per position
    H2H Lineups Set WEEKLY, no max starts
    Waiver System First Come, First Served with 2 day dropped player waivers
    Prizes ROTO = top 3 paid, H2H = top 3 + Points Champion paid

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    Complete Fantasy Basketball Rules

    Please read through the full Phenoms Fantasy Basketball rules below. Navigate to specific sections using the links above.

  3. League Structure (Page Top)
    1. There are two styles of league play to choose from:
      1. Head to Head (H2H) is points based with one Head to Head matchup per week. Teams receive 1 win, 1 loss, or 1 tie for the week.
      2. Rotisserie Category based (ROTO) features 8 categories in which teams are ranked for the entire season. Teams receive points based on their ranking in each category (12 for leader down to 1 for last in each category) and these points are summed to determine the overall ranking.
    2. There is no divisional separation of teams
    3. All leagues are comprised of 12 team owners
  4. Draft (Page Top)
    1. All drafts are serpentine style drafts, i.e. in the even rounds, the draft order will be reversed from the odd rounds
    2. The league software on www.fantrax.com randomly determines the draft order
    3. Team owners can see the draft order on the league website as soon as the league is full and setup
    4. Team owners are required to have an Internet connection to submit their draft picks
    5. The draft consists of enough rounds to fill each team's roster (14 rounds)
    6. The draft is defined as either "Live" or "Slow" and follows the rules set forth in sections IV or V
    7. At his discretion, the commissioner may pause the draft timer due to technical difficulties
    8. At his discretion, the commissioner may undo and/or correct draft picks if an owner error has been made. If the error can reasonably be corrected without impacting the draft substantially, it may be corrected by the commissioner.
  5. LIVE Drafts (Page Top)
    1. Live drafts utilize the live draft room on the league website
    2. The draft timer is set for 75 seconds per pick
    3. If the timer expires, the league software automatically selects a player, first based on the players in the player queue, and then based on the fantrax.com player rankings.
    4. Undrafted players are placed on 2-day waivers after the draft completes.
  6. SLOW Drafts (Page Top)
    1. Slow Drafts picks are made via the league website
    2. The draft timer is set for 8 hours per pick
    3. If the timer expires, the league software automatically selects a player, first based on the players in the player queue, and then based on the fantrax.com player rankings.
    4. Owners may "pre-draft" players by adding players to their player queue and then checking the "Draft player from queue immediately" checkbox. Even if the owner leaves the draft room, this queue will still be in effect.
    5. Undrafted players are placed on 2-day waivers after the draft completes.
  7. LIVE Auctions (Page Top)
    1. Auctions will be conducted using ESPN.com's software (located at: http://games.espn.go.com/frontpage/sports?sport=basketball)
    2. Each team has a fictitious salary cap of $200
    3. The minimum opening bid is $1 on a player
    4. Players will be bid on one at a time
    5. The bidding increment is $1
    6. Each bid placed resets the bidding time on that player to 10 seconds if the timer is under 10 seconds
    7. The bidding ends when no bid has been placed on a player for 10 seconds
    8. The next owner has 20 seconds to nominate a player, or else the computer will nominate a player for him
    9. Each team must have $1 in free cap space for every empty roster space
    10. Each owner must fill his roster during the auction, including having a valid starting lineup
    11. Team owners may not cut players during the auction
    12. Players cannot be traded during the auction
    13. The auction concludes when all teams have filled their roster
    14. The commissioner may pause the auction and make corrections if it is deemed that an error has occured
    15. Upon conclusion of the auction, the commissioner will load the rosters into the fantrax.com league website and the ESPN site will be disregarded
    16. After the conclusion of the auction, the salary cap is no longer in effect
    17. Undrafted players are placed on 2-day waivers after the auction completes.
  8. Roster and Starting Lineup Requirements (Page Top)
    1. The Roster consists of 14 players plus 2 IR spots, with a minimum of a valid starting lineup
    2. The Starting Lineup for all leagues is: 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 PF, 2 C, 1 G, 1 F, and 2 flex (utility)
    3. Fantrax.com sets the position eligibility for players
    4. IR spots are available for players on the NBA Inactive List or Suspended Players, and these spots do not count towards the roster maximum
    5. Leagues with DAILY lineup deadlines have each player locked in or out of the lineup 1 minute before the scheduled start time of that player's game
    6. Leagues with WEEKLY lineup deadlines have each player locked in or out of the lineup 1 minute before the scheduled start time of the first game of the week
    7. Leagues with DAILY lineups have maximum games played by position for the season, while H2H and leagues do not have such maximums
    8. Leagues with DAILY lineups limit games played to 82 games played per lineup slot for the season
  9. Scoring Systems or Categories (Page Top)
    1. The eight categories for ROTO leagues are:
      1. Points (PTS)
      2. Rebounds (REB)
      3. Assists (AST)
      4. Blocks (BLK)
      5. Steals (STL)
      6. Field Goal Percentage (FG%)
      7. Free Throw Percentage (FT%)
      8. Three Pointers Made (3PT)
    2. H2H style leagues use the following scoring system
    3. Each player scores points based on his statistics per game for the week. This is not to be confused with adding their game by game stats throughout the week or averaging the team's entire stats for the week. Therefore, players that play more games in a week are at no advantage over players with fewer scheduled games.
    4. Scoring System
      Statistic Fantasy Points
      Points/Game 1
      Assists/Game 1.5
      Rebounds/Game 1
      Steals/Game 2
      Blocks/Game 2
      Turnovers/Game -1
  10. Trades (Page Top)
    1. Leagues are designated YES if they allow trading, and NO if they do not allow trading on the league schedule page. If YES, rules IX.B through IX.I apply:
    2. Team owners may propose trades to other team owners via the league website
    3. The owner receiving the proposal may accept the trade via the league website
    4. The owner proposing the trade may revoke the proposal prior to the other owner accepting it
    5. Once the receiving owner accepts the trade, the league website will automatically update the rosters.
    6. The Commissioner has the right to veto trades in the event that collusion is suspected or that a trade is deemed competitively unbalanced.
    7. For the purposes of the leagues, collusion is defined as "a trade in which one of the owners knowingly and purposefully aids another owner without benefit to his own team".
    8. Owners may protest a trade to the commissioner but the Commissioner makes the sole decision on allowing or vetoing the trade
    9. The trading deadline is February 1, 2015 at midnight Eastern
  11. Free Agency and Waivers (Page Top)
    1. Leagues use the Rolling (ROLL) waiver system
    2. Rolling Waiver Order: (ROLL)
      1. Dropped players are placed on waivers for 2 days
      2. Owners can submit claims for players on waivers at any time
      3. Leagues automatically process waivers daily at 4 AM Eastern
      4. Waiver claims are awarded in draft-like fashion based on a rolling waiver wire order
      5. Each claim that an owner makes bumps him to the end of the waiver wire order (random initial order)
      6. Each owner gets a turn at a acquiring a player before a second round of claims may be processed
      7. The Fantrax.com "Can't Drop" list is observed, but if an owner drops a quality player for seemingly no reason, please alert the commissioner via email and the transaction may be undone by the commissioner
      8. The commissioner has the right to freeze the roster of an owner that intentionally drops players for the purposes of sabotaging the league
      9. Free Agency and Waivers are open through the entire season
    3. First Come, First Served (FCFS) claims are used for all free agents (players not dropped in last 48 hours)
    4. FCFS claims can be made at any time all season
  12. Schedule, Playoffs, and Tiebreakers for Head to Head (H2H) Leagues (Page Top)
    1. Regular Season Schedule is randomly determined by fantrax.com
    2. 12 team leagues play all 11 other teams twice (22 total games)
    3. The last half-week of the season is ignored in H2H leagues
    4. Playoff berths and seeding are based on the following criteria and tiebreakers:
      1. Overall Record
      2. Most Points Scored
      3. Most Points Against
      4. Head to Head Record
    5. Each playoff matchup is just one week
    6. A consolation (3rd Place) game is also played the final matchup period to determine prize placement
    7. Tiebreakers in playoff games for H2H leagues:
      1. Highest Scoring Non-Starting Player
      2. 2nd Highest Scoring Non-Starting Player
      3. Next Highest Scoring Non-Starting Player, until the tie is broken
      4. Online Dice-roll simulation randomizer
    8. Number of Teams and Weeks for Playoffs:
    9. # Teams in League Playoff Teams Number of Weeks
      12 4 2
  13. Entry Fees and Prize Money (Page Top)
    1. There are no additional fees beyond the initial entry fee
    2. H2H Leagues Only: The Points Champion is the highest scoring team throughout the 22 week regular season
    3. Prize Structure for H2H Leagues:
      Teams per League 12
      Entry Fee $50 $100 $200 $500 $1000
      1st $216 $459 $972 $2,511 $5,076
      2nd $120 $255 $540 $1,395 $2,820
      3rd $48 $102 $216 $558 $1,128
      Points Leader $96 $204 $432 $1,116 $2,256
      % Cash Prizes 80% 85% 90% 93% 94%
    4. Prize Structure for ROTO Leagues:
      Teams per League 12
      Entry Fee $50 $100 $200 $500 $1000
      1st $240 $510 $1,080 $2,790 $5,640
      2nd $144 $306 $648 $1,674 $3,384
      3rd $96 $204 $432 $1,116 $2,256
      % Cash Prizes 80% 85% 90% 93% 94%
  14. DYNASTY League Specific Rules (Page Top)
    1. Owners may retain all desired players from year to year
    2. Dynasty Leagues may begin with a Draft or Auction, but salaries are not used after the Auction
    3. Annual Draft:
      1. The Annual Draft will start one week prior to the start of the season
      2. The Annual Draft will be a SLOW draft with an 8 hour timer
      3. Keepers must be declared on the Fantrax.com league site at least 24 hours prior to the start of the Annual Draft
      4. The draft order of the Annual Draft will be the reverse order of the prior year's standings and will be the same for every round
      5. Playoff results will determine draft order for playoff teams
      6. Any team that purposely maintains a bad lineup in order to improve their draft slot may have their draft picks forfeited
      7. Each team will draft enough players to fill out their roster
      8. Teams requiring more players to fill out their roster will have their extra picks at the END of the draft; not the beginning
      9. Entry Fees are due 14 days prior to the start of the Annual Draft
      10. Future draft picks up to 2 years in advance and 14 rounds deep may be traded if the league allows trading
    4. A refundable deposit equal to one year's worth of entry fees is required upon joining the league
    5. When an owner decides to leave the league, the deposit may be refunded, provided the following criteria are met:
      1. The owner notifies the commissioner at least 14 days prior to the Annual Draft that he no longer wishes to participate in the league
      2. A replacement owner is found that is willing to pay entry fees and a deposit
      3. The refund amount shall equal the amount of entry fees the new owner is willing to pay
    6. The deposit ensures a full prize pool in future years