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Fantasy Football Keeper Leagues

Phenoms Fantasy Football Keeper Leagues

Join a Phenoms Fantasy Football Keeper League

Keeper fantasy football leagues allow you to retain your core players from year to year. Phenoms offers keeper leagues in a variety of entry fees and scoring systems. In these leagues, you carry over five players from year to year, with no restrictions as to which five you keep. There is an annual draft in which all players not on a roster are eligible, including rookies. The one-time deposit ensures that your league will run year after year with a full prize pool. Start building your fantasy football franchise today!

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  • Why Join a Keeper League?

    Keeper fantasy football leagues are rewarding for owners as you get to keep some players from year to year. Follow and root for your players throughout their entire career. Owners must have skills in managing their keeper team roster with an eye on this year as well as the future. Trading is important in keeper leagues, as you can load up for a title run or rebuild for next season. A one time deposit is required when joining a keeper fantasy league to ensure league viability from year to year. This deposit instills confidence that your league will continue to run every year with a full prize pool and your efforts at building your franchise won't go to waste.


    Keeper League Fantasy Football Features:

    - Keep any 5 players from year to year

    - Annual Draft for rookies as well as non-rostered players

    - Develop a loyalty to your key players and follow their careers

    - Available at $50, $100, or $200

    - Confidence that your league will continue to operate with a full prize pool in future years


    Sign up for a Phenoms Keeper Fantasy Football league today to join in on the excitement.

  • General Keeper Fantasy Football League Rules

    Phenoms Fantasy Sports outlines fair rules that benefit participant's skill and are simple to follow for beginners. The basic rules for Phenoms' Keeper Fantasy Football are as follows. A fantasy football draft will be used to initially allocate players. The draft will last 20 rounds to fill the 20 man roster. There are 4 IR spots for injured players. There are several scoring system and lineup variations to choose from.


    All keeper fantasy football leagues have 12 teams. League play is like a standard head to head league during the season. In the off-season, teams must declare the players they wish to keep before the annual draft. Teams may keep 5 players from year to year. The annual draft order is set from worst to first for each round. Teams are allotted enough picks to fill their roster. Teams requiring extra picks to fill their roster are given picks at the end of the draft, not the beginning. Anti-tanking rules are in place to ensure that teams compete at their best all season.

    Keeper Football Rules and Scoring At a Glance
    League Formats Head to Head (H2H) or Victory Points (VIC)
    League Size 12 teams
    Draft Style Serpentine Style Draft
    Draft Speed Live or Slow
    Starting Lineup SUPER-FLEX, NO-FLEX, 1-FLEX, or 2-FLEX
    Roster Size 20 players, 4 IR spots
    Scoring Systems See Table on rules page
    Waiver System Worst to First (WTF) or Blind Bidding (BB)
    Entry Fee & Prizes $50, $100, or $200, payouts 80% to 90%
    League Duration KEEPER (indefinite)
  • Keeper Fantasy Football Strategies

    Building a successful keeper fantasy football team requires strong knowledge of players. You must properly value future potential against current performance. An understanding of the shelf-life of various positions is also important. Follow the guidelines below to start forming your own keeper league strategies:


    - Find the right balance of current performance versus future value in the initial draft

    - Don't reach too early for young, unproven players since you can only keep 5 players from year to year

    - Running-backs tend to have the shortest shelf life, while elite Quarter-backs can perform at a high level for many years

    - Trading can be key to loading your team up for a title run, or dumping extra players that you won't be able to keep for one premium player

    - Always look to improve your roster, even in tiny increments

    - Study the college game to learn about the future stars

  • Keeper Fantasy Football Payouts

    The general payout percentages are as follows:


    League Entry Fee $50 $100 $200 $500 $1000
    % Cash Return 80% 85% 90% 93% 94%
  • Why join a Phenoms Keeper Fantasy Football League?

    Phenoms Fantasy Sports offers the best run fantasy football leagues with bigger payouts than the competing sites. In fact, few other sites even offer keeper leagues! Phenoms Keeper Fantasy Football Leagues come in a variety of configurations. We're sure you will find a keeper fantasy football league perfect for you. From beginners to veterans, live or slow time-frames, low entry fee to high stakes, head to head or victory points matchups, Phenoms offers more variety in our keeper fantasy football leagues and all leagues include the great customer service that Phenoms Fantasy Sports is known for.


    Browse our open keeper leagues above to join today.

  • Phenoms Keeper Fantasy Football Leagues

    Phenoms Fantasy Sports will fill over a dozen keeper leagues this year. Filter the list of leagues above by # of teams, scoring system, status and more to find the perfect league for you.


    Join in the fantasy football keeper league excitement this season! Browse our open leagues above to start now.

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