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Phenoms Fantasy Baseball Leagues

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Phenoms Fantasy Baseball is available in three distinct styles: ROTO (aka rotisserie fantasy baseball), H2H points (aka head to head fantasy baseball), or CAT H2H. (weekly head to head by categories) The diehard fantasy baseball enthusiast will find the 10-category ROTO style familiar, with daily lineup changes but maximum starts per season. For a fun fantasy baseball league that takes a lot less time investment, consider the head to head fantasy baseball format where you only need to set your lineup once or twice a week. You can also try dynasty league baseball. Phenoms offers a few styles of keeper / dynasty baseball leagues as well. Draft the players that will fill up the stat sheet, or try a fantasy baseball auction league.

Open Fantasy Baseball Leagues to Join

Status legend: p=paid entries, u=unpaid entries.

Join?League NameSize, EntriesDraft Date/TimeDuration
No open leagues at this time.

Special Playoff League Rules

  1. Playoff Leagues are total points only, using the Phenoms scoring system
  2. Lineups can be altered daily, with players locking at game time of their game
  3. League Size is 6 teams
  4. Starting Lineup: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 3 OF, 1 UT, 4 P
  5. Roster Size: 24 players
  6. Worst-To-First waivers run Sunday nights at 9 PM ET
  7. There are no FCFS pickups
  8. There are no trades allowed
  9. Scoring system:
  10. Scoring System
    Hitting Points    Pitching Points
    Single 1 Pt.    1/3 Inning Pitched 0.6 Pts.
    Double 2 Pts.    BB + H + HBP -0.5 Pts.
    Triple 3 Pts.    Earned Run -1 Pt.
    Homerun 4 Pts.    Strikeout 1 Pt.
    Walk or HBP 1 Pt.    Win 7 Pt.
    Run 1 Pt.    Loss -5 Pts.
    RBI 1 Pt.    Save 7 Pts.
    Strikeout -0.5 Pts.    Hold 5 Pts.
    Stolen Base 2 Pts.         
    Caught Stealing -1 Pt.         
  11. Entry Fees & Prize Money:
  12. Teams per League 6
    Entry Fee $50 $100 $200 $500 $1000
    1st $168 $357 $756 $1,953 $3,948
    2nd $72 $153 $324 $837 $1,692
    % Cash Prizes 80% 85% 90% 93% 94%

  • Why Join a Fantasy Baseball League?

    Joining fantasy baseball money leagues allows you to showcase your skills and win money for drafting a great baseball fantasy team. If you think you know baseball and want to compete in fantasy baseball draft leagues with higher cash payouts, you are on the right page.


    Fantasy Baseball Features:

    - Choose from 10 category ROTO style or Head to Head Fantasy Points formats, or the combo CAT H2H

    - Make lineup changes daily, weekly, or semi-weekly in fantasy baseball leagues

    - Choose from draft or auction fantasy baseball leagues

    - League sizes from 8 teams all the way up to 20 teams!

    - Baseball leagues available in One Year, Dynasty, Keeper, Contract Keeper, and Auction Keeper formats

    - Most leagues are all players, but you can join AL Only leagues and NL Only leagues

    - Live online fantasy baseball drafts (75 second timer) or Slow drafts (8 hour timer) to make your picks

    - Available at $50, $100, $200, $500, and $1000 entry fees


    Consider joining a Phenoms Fantasy Baseball league today to join in on the excitement.

  • General Fantasy Baseball League Rules

    Phenoms Fantasy Sports outlines fair rules that benefit participant's skill and are simple to follow for beginners. Three styles of leagues exist for fantasy baseball: ROTO, H2H, and CAT H2H. ROTO fantasy baseball leagues have 10 categories of statistics which are compiled for each team. Teams receive points based on their ranking in a category. These points are then summed to determine the overall standings. Phenoms' H2H fantasy baseball leagues have a scoring system for players. Each week, owners play one H2H match-up and the team with more points wins the week. CAT H2H leagues use the same 10 categories, but teams play one H2H match-up per week, with the winner determined by number of categories won. Baseball fantasy leagues can have DAILY, WEEKLY, or SEMI-WEEKLY (Monday and Friday) lineup changes. Starting lineups and roster sizes vary based on the player pool (Mixed, NL Only, AL Only) and league size.


    Fantasy Baseball Rules and Scoring At a Glance
    League Formats 10 Category ROTO or CAT H2H, or Weekly Head to Head fantasy points
    League Size 8 to 20 teams
    Draft Style Serpentine Style Draft or Auction
    Draft Speed Live or Slow
    Starting Lineup Varies by league size
    Roster Size Varies by league size
    ROTO Categories AVG, R, SB, HR, RBI, W, S, K, ERA, WHIP
    Scoring System for H2H See Table on rules page
    Lineup Deadline DAILY, WEEKLY, or SEMI-WEEKLY lineup changes
    Player Pool MIXED (All), NL Only, or AL Only
    Waiver System WTF for dropped player, FCFS, or Blind Bidding
    Entry Fee & Prizes Entry fee of $50 to $1000, prize payout of 80% to 94%
  • Fantasy Baseball Strategies

    Forming a fantasy baseball draft strategy will be an important part to your fantasy baseball success. A team owner will want to pursue some strategies that are specific to baseball drafts and will definitely want to do some research prior to the fantasy baseball draft. Follow the guidelines below to start forming your own draft fantasy baseball strategies:


    - Start with a full list of players

    - For ROTO leagues, consider which players excel at multiple categories and which players are have some category weaknesses

    - Look over some average fantasy baseball draft position lists for players

    - Identify which players you consider undervalued and overvalued

    - Decide how positional scarceness affects your rankings

    - Be flexible during the draft; you must adjust on the fly


    Following these basic fantasy baseball strategies will ensure that you draft the best fantasy baseball team possible. Join a baseball league and partake in the fantasy baseball excitement this season!

  • Fantasy Baseball Payouts

    The general payout percentages are as follows:


    League Entry Fee $50 $100 $200 $500 $1000
    % Cash Return 80% 85% 90% 93% 94%
  • Why join a Phenoms Fantasy Baseball League?

    Phenoms Fantasy Sports offers the best run fantasy baseball money leagues with bigger payouts than the competing sites. In fact, few other sites even offer fantasy baseball leagues! Phenoms Fantasy Baseball Leagues come in a variety of configurations. We're sure you will find the best baseball fantasy league for you. From beginners to veterans, live or slow fantasy baseball drafts, low entry fee to high stakes, head to head or roto style, 1-year or dynasty league baseball, Phenoms offers more variety in our fantasy baseball leagues and all leagues include the great customer service that Phenoms Fantasy Sports is known for.


    Browse our open fantasy baseball leagues above to join today.

  • Phenoms Fantasy Baseball Leagues

    Phenoms Fantasy Sports will fill over 40 fantasy baseball leagues this year. Browse the list of leagues above, paying attention to the scoring system, entry fee, and status to find the perfect league for you.


    Join in the fantasy baseball excitement this season! Browse our open leagues above to start now.

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