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The first step is to Create an Account if you haven’t done so already

Joining Leagues

  1. You can filter the league listings on most of the pages to narrow your search.
  2. On any of the web pages listing the open leagues, simply start by clicking the “JOIN” button.
  3. You don’t have to pay right away, but your spot won’t be guaranteed until you’ve paid and clicked Marked as Paid for that league on your My Leagues page.
  4. You can drop a league at any time until the league has been setup. Once setup, you’re locked in.

League Setup

  1. Your league will be setup on or after all owners have paid.
  2. When your league is setup, the league name will display as a link on all listings pages and you’ll get an email from the Commissioner with the link.
  3. The draft order isn’t determined until the league is setup in order to prevent people from dropping out if they don’t like their draft spot, or not signing up if they don’t like what spots are left.
  4. LIVE Auction leagues will also get an additional email to join the ESPN auction site. is used for the live auction portion only.

Paying Entry Fees

  1. You can deposit your entry fees via PayPal, Google Wallet, Dwolla, or Check. Go to the Cashier page for more information.
  2. After your account has been credited, you need to Mark Leagues as Paid on the My Leagues page. This way you can choose which leagues to pay for if you only make a partial deposit or you want to wait to see if a league gets closer to filling first.
  3. You can request a withdrawal if you drop a league or a league doesn’t fill and you don’t want to apply your account balance towards another league.
  4. You must be paid and Mark the League as Paid to guarantee your spot.
  5. NOTE: eCheck payments via PayPal take 3 to 5 business days to clear, so it’s not a great option if your draft is fewer than 7 days away.

If you have any further questions about the signup process, feel free to Email the Commissioner (