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Phenoms FF conducts two styles of drafts: SLOW/SEMI-SLOW and LIVE. NFL leagues use’s draft room while MLB, NBA, and NCAA Football leagues use’s draft room. SEMI-SLOW drafts on don’t have a draft room, rather simply a web page where you can submit a pick or pre-draft list.

Practice with the software by trying a mock draft

Draft Room Tips for

  1. Do not let the timer get below 5 seconds, as system lag may cause you to time out.
  2. Put players in the Work List so that if you do time out, you’ll get players you want from your Work List.
  3. If a pick is blank, or if the commissioner had to fix a pick, you may need to refresh your browser window to see the correction.

Draft Room Tips for

  1. To see the entire draft order and picks, click the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.
  2. You can put players in your queue and still leave the draft room and they will remain there. If you need to leave, you can also check the “Draft Immediately From Queue” box.