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Phenoms FF conducts LIVE auctions using the software at ESPN Fantasy Football. It is Flash-based and runs smoothly on most computers. It is strongly recommended that you test out the software on the site prior to participating in an auction.

Test out the interface by participating in a mock auction: ESPN Mock Auction Lobby

Steps to Auctioning

1. Join and pay for an auction league with Phenoms FF

After the league has filled, the commissioner will setup the league on both ESPN (LIVE Auctions only) and (all leagues). ESPN is used for the auction portion only, and then the rosters are loaded into the league site. You can ignore all league settings except for roster size at ESPN as they are not setup for your league and not necessary.

2. Accept invitation to join the ESPN league site at least 1 hour prior to auction.

You’ll get an email from ESPN Fantasy Games with the invite. Accept the invite by clicking the link.

After clicking the link, you may be asked to login to your account. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free. You’ll use your account to access the league and live auction room.

The final step is to join the league.

3. Join Auction Room to conduct auction.

When the Auction is within an hour of starting (if everyone has accepted the invite), a link will appear in several places on the League site. Launch the Auction Room and you’re all set!