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Fantasy Football and Cannabis Oil… Meeting in Between

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The NFL, both in the real world and in fantasy sports, is a real worldwide phenomenon. With people from all over the globe following its games and idolizing players and teams, it is no surprise that the international eye has taken an interest in American Football.
That being said, in any sport, there are various controversies and topics that are almost taboo to discuss in terms of legality and loopholes. CBD oil is one of the hottest topics— and rightfully so because it has been one of the most influential substances that have been used on and off the field to aid in either performance or recovery.
What is CBD Oil?
Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD, has been a popular natural remedy for decades now and rightfully so, due to its qualities as a relaxant and pain reliever. It is a naturally derived chemical found in the marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa. It is made by extracting oil from the plant and diluting it with compatible carriers such as coconut oil.
Although highly …