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6 Underrated Fantasy Football Keepers to Hold Onto

Leave a Comment | Mark Bybee

It’s getting to be that time of the fantasy football season again, when fantasy football keeper league managers really start to do their work. At this point, you’re either going hard for a trip to the fantasy playoffs, or you’re already game-planning for next season. That can mean you’re already fielding trade offers for picks and/or players, or you’re starting to pay close attention to your own potential fantasy football keepers so you can better decide later which to hold onto and which to let free.
It’s rarely an easy call, especially when big names come into play. However, we’re starting to see some aging or ineffective players that may not be worth keeping around. Guys like Steven Jackson, Reggie Bush and maybe even Doug Martin and Ryan Mathews seemingly just aren’t worth the fuss anymore. If we’re letting some more proven commodities like that go, naturally there will be some more under the radar players to pick up. We’ve got six that you may want to invest in. They don’t necessarily scream “keep me” right now, but ultimately you may want …