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How Sports Stadiums Are Turning Green

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Green Innovation in Stadiums
When you think of sustainability, the sports stadium is the last place that one would expect to go green. This is because they are characterized with thousands of fans using plastic cups, high-powered lighting, and other waste products. This results to wasted energy and resources.
Fortunately, nowadays, most sports arenas are going green and are adopting environmentally friendly practices. These stadiums have put in the effort of making their games greener by implementing waste management systems and hiring dumpster rental Pekin IL services. They also have a touch of eco-friendly and sustainable designs.
According to an article by the New York Times, sports arenas are now becoming showcases for green design while leagues are using eco-friendly banners to market their sports. An example is the Mercedes Benz Stadium which was the first to win the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum Design Certification…