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Phenoms Fantasy Sports is owned and operated by Mark Bybee. (As of now, it’s a one-man show) I started playing fantasy football in 1991 with my group of friends from school. Over the years, my enjoyment of fantasy football grew. With the dawn of Internet based leagues, I joined more and more leagues. Participating in multiple leagues can be very demanding due to the variety of rules. Joining Internet based leagues also carried the risk of not getting paid for winning, which happened to me in 2001. This inspired me to create the Greek Leagues. The Greek Leagues were leagues that I participated in as well as ran.

In 2003, approached me about running leagues for their website. We worked on a plan, but in the end, they decided against adding leagues to their website. I decided to continue what I had started by creating Phenoms Fantasy Football. The Greek Leagues laid the foundation, thus the Greek Letter naming system for the leagues.

The goal of Phenoms Fantasy Football is to provide the absolute best fantasy football league experience. What is the best? In my mind, the key ingredients are high cash prize payouts, outstanding customer service, fair rules that promote skill and competition while maintaining league integrity, and a trustworthy Commissioner to oversee it all. These are the driving factors behind Phenoms FF. I hope you find the Phenoms Leagues to be very enjoyable, as many of the Phenoms FF and Greek Leagues participants have in the past.

I’m always happy to receive feedback about the leagues, the site, or anything else you care to comment on.
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