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Published February 6, 2019

Usually, an interesting suspense movie is enough to get many people’s heart racing. However, there are many existing things in the world that won’t leave you disappointed and perhaps, one of them is the World Darts Championship. Playing with Darts Beasts may not be the coolest sport out there, but it is actually a very fun game when played in competitions.

The game itself is actually very simple. Still, even though it is repetitive, it can also be compelling and comforting as the game may look easy, but it is actually difficult to hit the bullseye. Playing this game needs both tactics and luck, and the players can’t do anything to affect the other’s game. In short, this game is also suspense in itself, making it more interesting to people of any age.

Why People Look Forward to the World Darts Championships

The venue is an admirable pub

For rugby union, Twickenham is the most used placed while Wembley serves as the home for football. However, these two pale in comparison with Crucible and the Alexandra Place. The former serves as the key arena for snooker players while the latter is the dedicated arena for darts players.

Players and even enthusiasts won’t need to look after their weight

Fitness coaches are not needed in playing darts. After all, in playing darts, all you need to do is to stand still and throw the dart hard in order for it to hit the board. Even the fattest guy in town can be hailed as the champion with just his strategies.

Players have outrageous hair and nicknames

Like games, nicknames are all so unique in a darts competition. Watching the game while waiting for the player’s nickname to be announced can be pretty much hilarious and entertaining for so many fans. Aside from that, most players sport outrageous hairstyles too. This what makes the game more captivating than any other competitions.

Just watching makes anyone what to become a darts player themselves

As the game is just as simple as standing, aiming, and throwing, anyone would find themselves wanting to play the game themselves. Because the game is just as easy, only a few practices will make everything perfect.

Anticipating Phil Taylor’s play

If you love darts and have watched the World Darts Championship, then you are probably familiar with Phil Taylor. He is a darts player for about 24 years and carried the world title 14 times. Because of his streak of wins, he earned the nickname “The Power”. It’s actually thrilling to watch him play and did his move to win again in the end.

Final Thoughts

For most people, they consider darts as the best sport in the whole world. After all, anyone can play it because it is quite simple and there are only a few rules to remember. Aside from that, playing with darts is not too tiring unlike the other games, and there are very few groups or individuals who are at the peak in this sport. Watching the World Darts Championship is so much different from watching any other sports, and while you are amazed watching other people play, you will find that you slowly want to be the player yourself.

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