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Published December 12, 2018

Technology has made the world a small place. Brands in Asia like ReviewingThis can have several followers in South America. Majority of this can be attributed to football. Initially, brands like Stone Island were barely known beyond their home country. However, today, the entire world knows them thanks to European Football.

History of Football and Fashion

In countries like Italy and the U.K, football brings people together. The fans are very passionate about their teams. During a football match, the fans arrange themselves into groups of ultras and together, they chant for the entire ninety minutes of the match. Some hardcore fans travel from their respective countries across the continent following their team as they play in the competition. It is from the groups of ultras that firm emerge. The firms seek direct conflict with members of rival groups.

The 70s

The firms were easily recognizable with their Dr. Martens- heavy wardrobes and leather jackets during the 60s and 70s. The police who aimed at stopping the violence nearly silenced them. It was not long before the Casuals rose. It was not clear which firm gave birth to the casuals, the Liverpool Scousers, or the Manchester United Perry boys.

In the mid-70s, the Scousers came across several foreign brands that the fans had worn in their travel across the continent. They took it as a badge of honor to bring back home these foreign brands. Brands like Sergio Tacchini, C.P. Company, Fila, Stone Island, Ellesse, Diadora, L’Alpina and Lacoste were unearthed. This quest for continental fashion could nearly be compared to madness.

The Scousers and the Perry boys began to identify themselves through the brands that they wore and the way they dressed. While this was going on, the casuals flew under the radar of the police thanks to the polo, low profile Adidas trainers, and tracksuits. Traveling fans were the illegal importer of foreign brands. They looted stores and brought their goods across the English Channel for those who were unable to make the trip.

The 80s

The 80’s made the outwear brand like stone islands become the mainstays on terraces. Their badges identified the fans and inspired awe. Casuals also began integrating new styles of dressing. They began to dress in clothes, which made them feel above their current situation in life.

The 90s

Despite all of these developments in fashion and bringing foreign brands home, the casuals stuck to their territorial violence. In the 90s, the labels they sported begun to be stigmatized and the companies like Stone Island wished that they would just disappear.

Today the casuals are enjoying a period of dominance while at its zenith. Tracksuits and other fashion accessories are no longer associated with wardrobes for hooligans. Designer brands like Gucci and platforms like Pitti Uomo are paying homage to the casual’s favorite brands like Fila and Kappa.

The casuals were the unexpected pioneers in the globalization of fashion. They were risk-takers who dared to wear brands that had not gained popularity in their hometown. However, despite the competition and the ever-changing relationship of football and fashion, one thing is always certain – both are inseparable.


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