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Published November 11, 2018

Several movies out there focus on football. However, coming across a great football movie is very rare. Below is a list of football game movies by putlocker together with information on where you can find them. These movies will help you study the game, understand the scouting reports and help you put together a killer team as you prepare for your fantasy football league.

Horse Father

In this film, Grouch Marx is the president of a college football. He attempts to hire two pro ringers to boost the college team. This movie takes you through the fourth quarter rally systematically. It is available on DVD, and the production was in 1932.

North Dallas Forty

The main character in this movie feels fed up with the hypocrisies of the game. However, he is unable to let go because of the rush he experiences while playing. He is the team’s philosopher quarterback. The film attempts to explain how the main character tries to change the perspective of American football. This movie, ranked by Insider, is one of the best movies that show what the game is really about. It is available on DVD, live streaming on Amazon and Netflix and on iTunes as a rental.

The Longest Yard

Burt Reynolds was a star quarterback who bounced from the league for shaving points. He lands in Florida prison. The warden of the prison makes him lead a team of inmates against his team in a match. The movie is available on DVD as a rental on iTunes and through streaming on Netflix. The movie was initially produced in 1974, but it was remade in 2005 with Chris Rock and Adam Sandler as the main characters.

Brain’s Song

This movie packs in a lot of emotion together with sports. Two people from different races compete for running back in the Chicago Bears. They eventually end up being friends until something tragic happens. The movie is based on a true story.

The movie was produced in 1971 and is available on DVD, Netflix, iTunes and Amazon. There was a remake in 2001 by Sean Maher and Mekhi Phifer.

Jerry Maguire

In this movie, Tom Cruise plays the main character. He is a sports agent who went through a crisis of conscience. This loses him his job and clients, except one whose career is slowly fading. The movie has successfully managed to combine football, gridiron action, oft-quoted comedy and several cameos from the 1990’s. This film is available on DVD, iTunes and rentals. Its production was in 1996.

In conclusion, these are just a few good football movies that can guide you in your decision-making. However, as you prepare your fantasy football league, remember that even though you may have a good team in mind, your first choice could be off the chart before you have a chance to pick them. Just to be safe, have a backup team. The backup should be just as good.

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